How Can Effective Human Resource Management be Practiced in A Business Establishment?

The success of a business enterprise not only depends on the ways of financial gain but also on the satisfaction of products and services they render to others. This satisfaction has to be acquired not only from the customers or outside human elements, but also from the internal human factors that is the workforce. The harmony and commitment of the employees can only increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the firm in such a way that reputation has also an eventual increase.

The successful human resource management can only be achieved through the integration of cultural, social, technical and personal aspects of each personnel with the objectives of the company. The employees working in the organization have to be selected and deployed in such a way that the objective of the company has to preserved and attained with their performances. The process of human resource management includes recruitment, selection, deployment, training and development, labor relations and so on. The maximum contribution of an employee has to be assured for the growth of the establishment.

The personnel must be aware of the ethical standards to be complied with, to use his skills in such a manner that is beneficial to the organization and ultimately to assure the self development of the employee. The organization should maintain the quality of work life which will certainly reflect in the employee performances. The personnel activities like transfer, promotion, demotion, training and development must be carefully coordinated in order to avoid improper employment which could be detrimental. The right person for the right job has to be appointed for the achievement of organizational goals.

As a matter of fact, each business establishment should have a department to exclusively handle and manage the human resource. This helps for the procuring and retaining of suitable employees.

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