Is Family Planning Effective for Economical Stability?

Family planning has become a major issue for the sustainable development of a nation. The economic development of a country is highly dependent on the nature and type of population since the utilization of the resources is a matter of concern of development. The food security, stability in financial segments and the eradication of poverty had been major threats to the developing countries because of the carefree attitude towards family planning. Effective measures and organizational structures have to be framed for the controlling of population growth and density in order to save the country from depletion of resources. Here comes the importance of family planning.

To control the birth of children is something purely a personal matter of the husband and wife but it becomes a social concern when the child grows and the growth includes food, education, shelter, bringing up etc. The health of the mother is also an inevitable issue in discussion since the number of pregnant women death rapidly increased in the past years. But, the awareness about the needs of family planning has to be initiated at the community level. Each married couple should get sufficient training and information about the family planning measures. It includes not only the control of number of children but also the space between two children, reproductive health, AIDS prevention, breast feeding, safe pregnancy, nutrition of the women and many more matters.

Government should frame policies regarding the family planning issues which are not in dispute with the societal conditions. There should be assurance of the participation of community (including women), evaluation of implementation of policies (expected and actual outcomes), periodical assessment and reporting for improvements.

The developed countries like United States of America have successfully accomplished the goals of family planning through measures like Planned Parenthood in which awareness is given based on the classification of population.

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