How to Calculate Service Quality of a Business Enterprise?

The success of every business enterprise depends on the reaction from the consumer after receiving the service of the enterprise. The quality of the service given is compared with the competitors by the consumers and the next choice is undoubtedly based on the conclusion they arrive after the comparison. So it is essential to keep the quality of service in order to avoid depletion of customer satisfaction. The tendency of a consumer to go for the earlier service he or she has got is the empirical way to understand the customer satisfaction in the services provided. The satisfied customers also promote the service providers among their friends and families which is a non-financial advertising method.

The five dimensions of quality of service are tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. The articulation of the answers to the common questions asked by the customers make it easier for the salesman and it impresses the customer simultaneously. Apart from the training given to the representatives of customer service, each personnel in the establishment must be trained and well informed about the products and services provided. The testimonials of customers tend the others who come across it to choose the organization.

The customer satisfaction achieved by the employees plays a vital role in the determination of the life of the establishment. However, the service providers should be vigilant about the objectives of the firm without diminishing the quality of the service. Hence, the customer satisfaction and the profitability should go hand in hand. A customer calculates the quality of service by estimating the difference between expected and actual service. The service providers also try to exclaim the customers by beating their expectations with surprises. The quality of the service given can be calculated from the degree of satisfaction of the customer.

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