Busy Light a Polite Way of Communication

Busy light is used for indicating the occupied or used position of a device or place, it gives a message that you should not disturb during light is on. Now with LED technology the style and use of occupied illumination is increased and is easily available. LED enable us to use this light device with a low electricity usage and it can provide various colour options. These lights are used in headsets, table phones as a occupied indicator. When we are using the head phone or table phone engaged in gleam lights up with red colour to show that the device is in use. We could change manually to do not interrupt mode by changing the light colour.  Use of busylight is an acceptable mode of communication that we want to be alone in using the phone and prefer no encroachment that time. It is not because that we do not want to interact with the people but it is just an indication that we like to be concentrated on that activity. 


These employed in luminescence is adaptable with almost all types of head or table phones, but we may find it difficult to use these with USB adaptors or mobile phones but we have special application for indicating busy in mobile phones. Lot of research has been done to develop a colour system for this busylight not to disturb other light indicators. It is usually used as a ‘do not disturb’ indicator system with colour light indication.  

Different types of busy lights are there in the market all of them are using the colour light indicators either fixed or flash. Some are using sound indication along with the LED light indicators, but we could use these where sound is not an interruption to others. But light with sound indicators are helpful for attracting our attention when an incoming call is on. Specially designed busylight for computer monitor and laptop are also available with audio and visual clues. Wireless busy lights are the new development which gives both the indications the status of usage at a fixed distance.  

Busy lights are not only used in phones or lap tops, it is an efficient device for offices also. it can be fixed in front of our office cabin or clipped above our desktop monitor which gives a polite message to the fellow workers or visitors that we are busy in work and not want to be disturbed. They are developed mobile application to indicate the usage of video chatting, it is a new application of the busy light.  

There are common light indication system in the busy light, these will display the assigned colour based on our use.  Usually green is the indication for free, red indicates occupied, yellow hints that we are not in the place and purple is the do not disturb light.  

We must note that the busy light is not only used as an indicator for do not disturb message but also to restrict the entry to certain place. Public toilets and chatting cubicles are using this to indicate occupied position. Any how busy lights have various usages and it is a acceptable and polite way of communication about our limitation to engage others while we are on a private function.

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