Are You Aware of Squonking?

‘Squonking’ has spread like wildfire in the e-cig world. It was initially a term used among a group vapers from where it spread so much that it entered the vaping glossary and even pushed the top e-cig manufacturers to have a squonk mod in their product-range.

If you are already using an RDA (Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer) and planning to have a squonk mod, this article is for you. We are going to tell you everything that you should know to squonk your nicotine vape juice Australia and elsewhere in the right way. But before we break down squonking into simpler terms for you, let’s first go back to dripping for better understanding.

Dripping is a method that you basically use with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (hence ‘dripping’ in its name). As you may know, you are supposed to construct your own atomizer coils and douse them with nicotine vape juice through the mouthpiece opening. Like you, all other vapers love RDAs for their capability to produce rich, voluminous vape clouds. Their ability of vapour production is even better than sub-ohm tanks since they let you build large coils without much space problem.

Even though they are great for getting your fix, they can be awkward sometimes, especially when you can’t take more than a few draws – their drip well can’t store more nicotine vape juice than that. That means you have to carry your e-liquid bottles all the time to saturate your atomizer. Plus, you can have leaky RDAs, a mess you don’t want to get in, especially when you are caught up in something important.

As there was necessity felt among vapers for an alternative to dripping, squonking was pushed through. As opposed to dripping, where e-liquid is poured down into the atomizer from the top, squonking mod takes the nicotine vape juice from the bottom. This is the fundamental difference between the two. In essence, squonking is a style of vaping which makes use of squonking mod, and a bottom fed RDA or tank atomizer.

In this, the user squeezes the squonk bottle to load up the tank with more nicotine vape juice. The ‘squonk’ sound that liquid makes when the user squeezes the small tube – this is where it got its name from. Its most significant advantage is that it solves the problem of saturating the wick over and over again, which was quite annoying for users when they would drip the vape juice.

RDAs Vs Ohm-tanks Vs Squonk mods
It brings us to this crucial point of comparing all the three and see what can work for what kind of vaper. If all you care for is awesome vapour production and can have it with ease, think RDA as the right match for you. You can inhale and exhale on nicotine vape juice in Australia and elsewhere using RDAs and produce large, fluffy vape clouds, but you will have to keep on pouring the e-liquid on the wick, which can get quite cumbersome and annoying after a couple of puffs. With ohm-tanks, you can save yourself from this hassle with built-in e-liquid storage. But then, you have to compromise some of the vapour production that the RDA promises. So, if you are torn between RDAs and ohm-tank, squonk mods may win you over– they offer the best of both the worlds.

All in all, squonking is the latest fad in the vaping world. If you are looking for a better alternative to RDAs, you are sure going to love squonk mods.

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