A Stress-Free Guide On Getting Through Your Wedding Invitations

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If you’re amid organising your wedding invitations, do not be alarmed if the stress is already hitting you. If you’re a pedantic person or a bit of a perfectionist, then making those artistic decisions could be a battle. The most important thing to remember is that nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect. At the end of the day, if you’re prepared for those setbacks, you’ll be far more competent in embracing these challenges and devising solid strategies to fix them. Here are several important things to remember when stressing over your wedding invitations.

People aren’t great at RSVP’ing

When you send out your wedding invitations, you want to ensure that the RSVP date is clear and obvious. Having said that, people are busy and may forget to RSVP in time. The best way to avoid having last-minute additions is to be sending out reminders either via email, text message or Facebook messenger. Offering multiple RSVP options can also help get the process moving quickly (e.g. return cards, online, email).

Have reminders on your phone to remind you when it’s time to start calling those guests that haven’t yet RSVP’d. At the same time, expect a few guests to drop out at the last minute. Don’t be stressed or alarmed – these things happen all the time.

Define your style

Make sure it’s very clear what type of ceremony you are going for. A modern ceremony will be vastly different to a more traditional ceremony. Traditional cards will be very formal in language, tone and word choice. They’ll also use very old calligraphy and script. On the other hand, a modern ceremony will be more minimalist (however, the tone can still be formal). Make sure your wedding invitations reflect the ambience and desired tone of your event. If the script is relaxed and colloquial, expect your guests to think it is going to be a casual, laid-back event.

Add a fun question

It’s also nice to involve your guests more in the event. Your guests might remember to RSVP if they need to do something along with RSVP’ing. Throwing out a question like “What song would you like to hear played at the reception?” is always a great way to get your guests involved, while also ensuring that they have a good time. You’ll have a better playlist that’ll suit everyone!

Start as early as you can

Another great tip to reduce your marriage anxiety is to organise your wedding invitations as early as possible. You should consider sending out “save the date” cards to guarantee that most of your guests can attend. These cards are sent out before your actual wedding invitations are sent out.

Once you have settled on a design for your cards, you can order them from your printing provider. You should try and have your order placed approximately 4 to 5 months before the date of your special day. They should be ready to mail out about 10 weeks before the date.

Make sure you are clear about who is invited

It’s crucial that you are specific about who is invited to the ceremony. If you are inviting someone (and are allowing them a +1), make sure you address the card as ‘Dear Tom + one.’ This ensures that the person is aware that they can bring a friend if they desire.

At the end of the day, creating your own wedding invitations is only part of the entire planning process. Don’t get stressed out – no matter what happens, the day will be fun and special. Just remember to relax and enjoy the ride.

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